A downloadable mod

Fight your friends around the Abyss, take care not to fall in it !

Map made in 5 days. 

Available only in blockout for now. 

Created by Thomas Jacquin, Yoann Riot and Téofil Todorovic

(with the support of Mathis)

Install instructions

Step 1 : Download Unreal Tournament 4 (on Epic Games launcher)

Step 2 : Create a folder named "Paks" in UnrealTournament/Saved

Step 3 : Create a folder named "MyContent" in UnrealTournament/Saved/Paks

Step 4 : Drop the .pak file in UnrealTournament/Saved/Paks/MyContent

Launch the game, host a match and enjoy ! :) 


CTF-Abyss-WindowsNoEditor.pak 32 MB